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A Story of Survival
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San Diego Comic Con 2014 – Lasers and Hot Wings


What are we doing this year? LASER TAG AND HOT WINGS! We are partnering with Nerdist to have a two team battle, HUMANS VS Zombies… (For the purposes of Lasertag, we’ll still be shooting at each other, not biting…).

THEN, we will head over to Fridays around afterwards for some drinks and meet and greets.

Time: Friday July 25th, at 4:30 PM PST

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The next thing… Tales from We’re Alive


So, what are we doing next here at WP? Well, last night at the #WAFinale, we revealed that while the next big project isn’t ready to be revealed yet, there are still more stories yet to tell in the world of We’re Alive! The series is called “Tales from We’re Alive” and will cover some of the side stories from within the series.

As to what, and when, [...]

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We’re Alive Tumblr

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    As we approach the end, it’s fun to see how the scripts of each season stacks up.




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